As a visual artist, I started to look back to our ancestral roots. I looked them with respect, bringing their knowledge here in time, with a contemporary view. As my research was going deep inside me, I discovered the essential of this old cultures: they have time to develop the process of what they were doing.


Thru my work, I would like to tell stories about human feelings. I don’t use figurative language, I want my painting and textile work to be a place were people can find a moment to feel, a gateway to an insight experience, to spend some time with themselves, time we are not able to have in this running way of modern live.


I embrace weaving through legend and tales, telling stories about community live, the importance of the woman in society. These stories told me about tribal communities, were the contemporary live is not totally established. They are important to me because they rescue family live. The concept of clan, where the force of one is the force of all of them.


Painting and weaving became one in my work, painting as a fabric made in a loom and weaving in a loom as I paint with a brush; painting superposing layers:  the weave of the canvas, the path of the pencil and finally the weave generated from the repetition of a design; and weaving on a loom finding  the liberty of a brush stroke.